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Vaccine Refrigerator with Temperature & Storage Logging


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SAFE Vaccine
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Vaccine Refrigerator with Temperature & Storage Logging
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Improper storage and handling is a major issue in vaccination with potentially serious consequences. Studies have been performed in Harris County demonstrating these issues and potential associated risks. Additionally, nursing staff find vaccine-related administrative work a significant burden. Accordingly, we have been tasked with the development of a vaccine temperature control and inventory management system compatible with any current refrigeration system capable of maintaining temperature within the appropriate range and reducing time required for vaccine-related inventory management tasks.
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Design Summary
Our team has developed a two-part temperature control and inventory management system, which was presented at the engineering design showcase in mid-April.

The temperature control system includes sensors and a control module and is easy to implement and is capable of taking over control of any existing refrigerator by switching current to the refrigerator on and off. Preliminary testing has shown this system to be extremely effective at temperature maintenance. Current work focuses on setting up Bluetooth communication between the temperature sensors and the control module located on the refrigerator exterior.

We have also completed significant development of an automated inventory management system utilizing barcode generation, printing, and scanning. This system includes functionality for receival of vaccine shipments, tracking of vaccine administration, and generation of required weekly and monthly reports. Preliminary user testing indicates that this system will reduce time required for vaccine-related paperwork by more than 1/3, and nurses in an HCHD facility were very pleased with the system during a recent demonstration.
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Maria Oden
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I-Chih Tan

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