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2014-2015 Team
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Lunar Lounger
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Design Challenge
This project calls for the design and fabrication of a suite of furniture with the intent to serve as conceptual designs of equipment that could be used on habitats on the Moon or Mars during future manned space missions. The furniture will be designed to accommodate the expected partial gravity environments and the resulting human body loading in order to fulfill the needs of the crew.
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Fully functional prototypes of our workspace (which consists of a seat and work surface designed for partial gravity) have been completed. The seat will allow crew members to maintain optimal body positioning through the use of simple and effective adjustment features, while the corresponding work surface is designed to be highly modular and adjustable. Moving forward we aim to finalize our designs and begin final production.
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Sunday, May 03, 2015
Conoco Phillips
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Dr. Nancy Currie
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Christie Sauers
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