Harvesting Human Motion


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2014-2015 Team
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Harvesting Human Motion
Design Challenge
We are tasked with designing and creating a device that harvests electricity from human motion. Specifically, we are challenged to harness the intermittent kinetic energy of walking, convert it into a usable form, and store it in a battery.
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Our team has developed a device that harvests human mechanical energy and stores this energy in a lithium ion battery. We optimized previous designs by improving mechanical efficiency and integrating a power collection, conversion, and storage system. Additionally, the the device addresses the issues surrounding sustainable energy generation by generating and storing 1.3 Joules of clean energy every step. Updated 5/2/2015.
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Saturday, May 02, 2015
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  • Bioengineering
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Steven Rickman
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  • MECH
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Gary Woods
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  • ECE
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